1960 Singleton Residence |Architect: Richard Neutra | Bel Air, CA | Photos: Julius Shulman

Henry Shingleton, chairman of Teledybe Corporation, Wanted an expansive house with terraces on both sides in views of the valley, the mountains, and Lake Hollywood, the shape of which was echoed in the reflecting pool at the edge of the living room. Framed by a pronounced spider leg, Shulman’s photography of that corner has been reproduced numerous times.

“Oriented to an expansive site in the Santa Monica Mountains, including a distant view of the ocean, this Neutra Design exemplifies what had become a representation of his mature skills the genuine essence of Neutra, and how the universal aspect of his design is transmitted as one. Note the stepping-stones in the pool, thence into an through the house as far as the opposite entrance.” –Julius Shulman - Via

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